Sunday, August 16, 2009

More pictures? More pictures!!

Why yes, I DO love me some eggs and toast. Why do you ask?

Merry Christmas!!!

Hands off my present, sis!!

And lastly, a little something that isn't Aiden related. But I have to include it because I find it hilarious...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The rapid flows of the river TIME

This is Chuck here. The blogs haven't been updated in a long time for a variety of reasons, but don't panic. The kids are doing wonderful. I'll be pulling more of my own weight here and updating the blogs much more frequently over the next few weeks, to get it back up to speed. So keep checking in!

Jess told me to start with last year's Halloween, so here we go:

You can see he had a grand old time dressing up and riding around in his train. He even left his hat on for a while, which if you know Aiden is something he almost never does. We didn't really give him any of the candy, so we gave it to Mommy instead. (And then Daddy ate it all anyway.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

It's been so long since I have posted.. As the kids get bigger it seems we find less and less time to keep up with some things.

Aiden is doing fab with his E.I. he currently has it every day at the house and still has play school on fridays for 2 hrs. We have now transitioned into him taking the bus on friday for his class. I cried when I knew it was his first day. Partly cause he is becoming such a big boy and partly cause it's just scary to let him go on the bus.

He is learning so much from his sisters and them from him. Watching them play together is the funniest thing sometimes.

WE have his evals coming up for pre-school in April. I can't believe he will be in a "real" school.. Geesh who said they could grow up so fast.

Another changes is.. He got glasses.. I changed eye doctors cause as I said before, the previous one never let me get past the suggestion of glasses. I then found out that the doctor who did his ROP laser surgery when he was in the NICU was at the satilite office a few towns over.. YAY
I had him switched right away and on our first appt she suggested glasses.. Glad someone listened to me. He doesn't wear them all day cause it's a struggle, but I've learned that if I get them on him right after a nap that he is still droggy enough to not care and then forgets they are on.. He looks soooo cute..

Other then that all is about the same.. He is finally saying more words, can pick out animals on his own and objects which is a plus, but still no sentences.. It's coming though.. You can see it and he tries so hard..
As I keep telling myself.. In all due time.. Besides, Einstein didn't talk at all until he was three..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

January 8, 2009

I've been MIA but it's not for any bad reason other then we have just been busy and mommy's been lazy with blogging.

Happy Holidays to everyone!! a little late I know..

Aiden is doing wonderful, he currently has E.I. services now at home 4 times a week and play school once a week for 2 hours. He is learning and growing and oh so much fun. he has become the little man of the house. He even learned to blow his flute whistle the other day. Someone at my work got him for a gift bath tub water flutes. You add the water to different levels and they make different sounds. He had no ide what to do with them other then stick them in his mouth lol.
After about two days of seeing us blow them and trying to get him to do it, he did it. Daddy blew the flute and gave it to his and waa-laa he did it like a champ.

For a little boy who went through so much in such a short time which is surrently equal to just about a third of his life, he is such a blessing and a great child to be around. He loves people and is so into exploring and learning. Now if I could only get him to stop beating up his sister.. haha

I will post pics soon.. I'm just too tired tonight and still have to update the girls blog..

Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !!!

Tonight we went trick or treating and Aiden was a pirate.. We had a blast and he loved it all.. He's becoming such a "big kid" now..

I will post pics soon..

For a recap on him: He is doing well with play school and E.I.
He has E. I. at the house on Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour and then goes to play school on Friday for two hours. His E.I. worker is the one who runs his play school class so he gets some good one on one time with her too. He has finally started to pick up a few words.. There a bit cloudy I guess you could call it, but there words. So far we have Play, Baby, Buddy.. It's a start..

I know in due time. It's just hard when you sit back and look at the fact he is two and doesn't talk yet. I know the words are in there. i can see him get fustrated at times wanted to say it and he can't. We just have to push along and help him get them out.. SO here is to fighting the battle.

Other then that he is a wonderful two year old. He gets into just about everything lol and loves to run, jump, climb, and fall.. lol He is doing better with a fork and spoon now and makes less of a mess.. ha ha.. but what fun is that right.. (to him, not me)
The only other worry I really have is he still mouths things.. EVERYTHING goes in the mouth. I call him my PICA baby, and if you know what PICA is then you know why. Sometimes I wonder, but I'm told not to worry about it yet. So it's just another thing I watch and re direct to not try and eat everything.

Well it's been a long day, so once again Happy Halloween to all my trick or treaters out there and I hope you all had a great, fun, happy, night..

Friday, September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008

Aiden is now receiving E.I. at home twice a week and then going to play group aka school on fridays for 2 hours. He LOVES it. They do crafts, learning skills, go out side, have snack and have lunch.. A lot in two hours but he is doing really good.
He is such a smart kid in so many ways but I still worry about him so much. i worry that he does things a two year old should not do ie: put EVERYTHING in his mouth. Toys, paper, leaves, anything he can pick up. Its fustrating. He still isn't talking either which is hard. I am hoping that the words will start slowing soon and once the girls start talking he will pick up more.
His last eye appointment went well and the doc said that his eyes are actually better then before, so that was good, he will probably still need glasses later but as I always say, that is a trait in my family so it's no big deal. We see the pedi in a few weeks, the girls went today, with aiden as a tag along. (That was such a bad scene, thre over tired kids in the pedi office when they are running way behind) UGH!!
That's about it for now.. Here are a few pics of Aiden taste testing his sisters cake at the party sunday..

Saturday, August 09, 2008

August 9, 2008

It's been a while since I posted but things have been crazy.. Aiden got 7 teeth in 3 days so we are now up to 13.. Five which are molars and those are 5 of the 7 he got so he was not a happy camper, got a terrible fever and wasn't sleeping very well.
I think I also posted in the last post that we had our first ear infection and big cold. Then this week was my birthday and like I said it's just been hectic. The weather has been humid and rain which prevents us from going out too much too and we have still been trying to nail down a schedule with Early Intervention.. UGH...

As for my little man he is going good. learning, growing and just being a 2 yr old.. He climbs everthing he can, eats everything he can and chases his sisters all over the house. If he isn't chasing them he is running them over with his wagon or trying to stop them from climbing on HIS box that he uses to see out the window.. Oh it is too funny how much he is NOT a baby anymore.

On another note (about me sorta) there has been a tattoo I've wanted to get for the last 3 years. I wanted Chase's footprints tattooed with his name and birthday and eventually I was going to add the rest of the kids. Well I came up with a design and FINALLY got it done.. YAY

I forever have Chase in my mind and in my heat and now forever carry his footprints with me..

I know it's a little shiny but it was right after i got it done... It says...
Charles Preston III

Aiden Kristopher

Morgan Kennidi ~ Riley Lorene

It has wings and a halo around Chase's name as you can see and has Chase's actual footprints, size and all...